Thursday, May 29, 2003

All of my knitting lately is very boring to talk about. It's just been socks, socks, socks. And not even particularly innovative socks; just the same old classic toe-up socks I've been cranking out for years. But it's very much zen knitting, which is actually exactly what I want right now. My mental stimulation is being provided by gardening projects, so I need my knitting to be relaxing. I finished the Trekking socks and started a pair out of blue Regia stretch.

Meanwhile, I bought the million-dollar fancy-schmancy front-loading washing machine that's so gentle I should be able to machine wash my hand-wash-only woolies with great success. I washed a CASHMERE twin set in there the other day and it turned out fabulous. The only down side of this thing is that it's worthless for felting. But then, what kind of moron would try to felt in a thousand-dollar washing machine? Guess I will have to go to Matt and Rob's felting parties when I need to get felt. Er.

Wednesday, May 14, 2003

Still not a whole lotta knitting going on around here. The obsessive component of my personality is still wholly absorbed in gardening. I have almost finished my second Trekking sock, though; after all, sometimes it's dark, or raining!

Wednesday, May 07, 2003

I finished a sock today. Sadly, it was only the first of a pair: a purple/peach/taupe Trekking that I am knitting for myself. I needed no-brainer knitting all last week because I had SIXTEEN hours of choir practice last week, not including the concert itself or the four two-hour round trips. Argh. Actually I got a lot more done on my crossword puzzles, since I hooked the book into my music folder and worked on them surreptitiously whenever the conductor needed to work through a passage with orchestra alone.

Oh, right, I was talking about knitting... I also knit about three inches of the second sock today. I find it's very, very important to start the second sock immediately to keep the project from stalling out. I need to put it down and do some Sock Repairs on a pair of Mom's before she skips town again.