Sunday, February 01, 2004

Good heavens, what a busy knitting week it's been. Since last Sunday, I've finished the Celtic Dreams sweater AND knitted a San Francisco Vest (from Nancie Wiseman's recent book Classic Knitted Vests) from start to finish, using Noro Silk Garden #34 which has been marinating for about a year. I wore the SF Vest over to ThreadBear yesterday for a Glorious Outing with CH, where it was so well received that Helen had to buy book and yarn.

I left the SF Vest with The Boys as collateral while I finish off the Manos shop model. I woke up early this morning and put the front bands on it, and miracle of miracles, they came out perfect on the FIRST TRY. Now I am chugging along on sleeves again.

Meanwhile, all of the other things I was supposed to do this week went straight out the window.

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