Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The wrath of the gods

cape back
Okay, I have definitely upset some minor knitting deity. I've been working on this cape from Sandi Rosner's book Not Just Socks for Kids and have five out of six sections finished. I had to start a second ball of yarn for the last section. And would you believe, on this ball the salmon pink is brighter than on the first ball? (Same lot.) It's subtle enough not to show in a photo, but it's noticeable in daylight. Extra maddeningly, if I hadn't cut up the last part of the first ball in order to get speckled pieces to use for the visible seams, I might have finished the last section with it.

Now I have to pick a plan:
  • Just finish this section, sew it in and live with it (not bloody likely)
  • Stuff the whole project in a bag in the corner and never lay eyes on it again until after the intended recipient graduates from college
  • Finish this section and reknit the other side section from the second ball so the brighter parts will be symmetric
Maybe if I go knit some penance on the blue-green tofutsies socks, the offending pink will fade?

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