Saturday, May 30, 2009

The right tool for the job

Okay. It's time to break down and spend the money on a pair of sock blockers for photography purposes. How do I know? Because I just took a photo of a sock with a cheese grater inside it.

Sock for the Cure

At least that photo turned out better than the one of a sock with the DVD remote control in it.

If you like the waffle texture on the non-ribboned portion of the cuffs, it's ridiculously easy: Knit 3 rounds, then work (K1, P1) rib on the 4th. The original pattern called for seed stitch, but that sounded like way to much purling.


lindaw2 said...

I have a friend who was just diagnosed with breast cancer. The link to the pattern does not work. Do you know how to get the pattern for these socks?

Lana said...

lindaw2, the website where this pattern was originally distributed appears to be no longer active. However, the pattern is accessible via