Thursday, May 21, 2009

Technical difficulties and things that are pink

When I tried to photograph my latest stockinette sock, I ran into a problem. The pictures turned out fuzzy.

miranda helps

sock saddle

I promise I've got the second sock on needles already. Casting it on immediately isn't a surefire cure for second sock syndrome, but at least it keeps me from using the right set of needles in some other project, stalling out the second sock indefinitely. In fact, there is a solo sock on my coffee table right now as a result of the last time I failed to segue directly to the second sock; I robbed the needles for the purple ankle socks instead.

At least I've managed to cast on a non-stockinette sock. It's a charity project; I plan to donate the finished pair for the local Race for the Cure raffle in the fall.

sock for the cure 2

I'm using (by which I mean modifying) the Pink Ribbons: Breast Cancer Awareness Sock pattern by Lisa Lloyd, graciously distributed by her for free.

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Elisa Morrison said...

Found your blog through Knitty... on second sock syndrome: I make myself do them simultaneously (ribbing 1, ribbing 2, leg 1, leg 2, etc.). It's a really good excuse to own lots and lots of dpns. Nice work!!! :) Elisa