Friday, September 07, 2007

I've put the heel in the Oil Slick Socks and I'm a couple of inches up the leg. I need to finish these in a hurry before I cave in and start something else. Last night I bought Cat Bordhi's new book and it makes me wish I had twelve hands. Coriolis socks are imminent! Oh, and I also need to knit an entrelac sock from the Spring 2007 IK as a class model.

I thought of a new way to organize magazine patterns I'd like to knit and I started, of course, with the sock patterns. I had previously tabbed them with green Post-It tabs (yes, I've got a whole color-coded tab system) but now I've color-copied them and put them in sheet protectors in the binder along with my other sock patterns. I still can't decide, though, how to organize them in the binder: should they be sorted by yarn weight, or by style? Hmmm...

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